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Welcome to ITExpress

The ITExpress Ltd. is a modern company founded in 2014. 

We are an innovative two-person business with the core competency of engineering and sale of universal standardized accounting applications.

Our customers include small businesses, individuals, students and societies. 


We have developed advanced standard software as a gap in the international market. Universal Accounting (new Name Accounting Uni) can be used in and for all countries of the world."

It is very modern, stable, has very special features for user-friendliness and high performance. It shows you the right way to be successful.

And the best price and advantages are unique in the world!

And we also develop small intelligent applications, the Smart Suite

Accounting software is the most used Software category. Such solutions have an impressive impact on Sales.

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Compact Accounting
Fascinating Accounting
Easy Bookkeeping
Universal Accounting


The software is internationally standardized.

So, for example, the VAT table is structured for a very flexible administration and standardized calculation. 

Chart of Accounts

As the accounts are organized in a tree structure, you can have an optimal overview and create your groups and supergroups.
Moreover, you can add accounts and move to another place.

Accounts in nice Tree Structure
Adaptable according knowledge

Set the levels for the balance sheet and income statement report

In the settings you can specify whether the balance sheet should be structured in 3 or 1 level, as well as in the profit and loss statetement.
With more levels, the structure corresponds exactly to the defined chart of accounts

Powerful filter options

You can use any column in any table, filter and order differently.

Use the incremental search, or search through a visual database query with several associated conditions.

Powerful Sorting and Filtering of the Accounts
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