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Accounting Uni Editions

Important: if the link doesn't show the page, please load the windows app store in your browser and search for "Accounting Uni"

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Accounting Uni Light



  • Automatic Reopening (New Period)

  • Various Bookings

  • Balance sheet

  • Profit/Loss statement

  • Account Tree

  • Assign VAT to accounts

  • Delete Bookings

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4.99 USD

Mehr Info

Accounting Uni Advanced (Plus plus  following)

  • Debtors Creditors

  • Vacant Positions

  • Statuses including Reminder status

  • Generation of all bookings when booking out vacant positions

  • Accounts Month Calculation

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29.99 USD

Mehr Info

Accounting Uni Plus (Light plus following)

  • Budget System

  • Advanced Queries

  • Composed Bookings

  • Cost Centers

  • Operating statement sheet

  • Report Designer

  • VAT Calculation

  • Update Bookings

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9.99 USD

Mehr Info

Accounting Uni Premium (Advanced plus following)

  • Customizing of the Tables (Persistence)

  • Reminder report generation

  • Advanced capturing bookings

  • Transaction  representation with color for different types

  • Bank reconciliation

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59.99 USD

Mehr Info
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