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For Universal Accounting, please download the following documents and please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Universal Accounting Documentation

Report Designer

Please watch our eLearning series where you find how you use the application correctly!

Use the chatbot here for specific questions!

For more complex questions, you can describe your problem via the following e-mail (is subject to charge):


Universal Accounting

How do I use the report designer?

For example, you can reposition address fields with the mouse in the reminder report. For more information, you can read the documentation of the Report designer.

What are automatic accounts?

For example, we want grant a discount for a debtor. And "Granted discounts" is the automatic account. The revenue booking was made with VAT. Then, in Universal Accounting Light, you can book: -> Granted Discounts / Debtors {Total Amount} and the generated bookings are: -> Granted Discounts / Debtors {Total Amount - VAT reverse} -> VAT / Debtors {VAT reverse} In Universal Accounting Standard, you can book: Booking out of a vacant position in a Debtor X (Personal account with discount setted) -> Banc / Debtor X Total Amount and the generated bookings are: -> Granted Discounts / Debtor X {Discount Amount - VAT reverse} -> VAT / Debtor X {VAT reverse} -> Banc / Debtor {Total Amount - Granted Discounts - VAT reverse}

How do I best get used to Universal Accounting?

Best combined with learning-by-doing of the example version and the help documentation.

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