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Madanna *****

A Great Tool For Small Business Accounting Solutions. The software was fairly simple to navigate and use. As a small business owner, I found that bookkeeping was necessary to stay organized; and with Universal Accounting Light, the accounting process is very easy.


FJ *****

A product that suits your business environment. I have tried using many freebies from the internet to keep all the financial records in one place but something or the other seemed to missing. I was hesitant to purchase this product at first as it had no previous reviews. But I must say that it was the best deal so far. I am able to keep all my private financial data and manage it with ease. The most interesting feature is that I am able to sync the data between two devices as I have stored the database in Microsoft OneDrive and able to access the same data when I am at or the office. If you are looking for a product to store your financial data, different assets and projects, this is it.


Justin *****

Best Accounting App. I use this app for my architectural firm and highly recommend it for any size business. Really easy and sleek to use.


Meagan *****

Very thorough & well organized! This is a great way to stay on top of the books! I love that you can use it for multiple countries at the same time. This feature seems like it would be particularly helpful for larger companies, accountants, etc.


Karoline *****

I highly recommend this account app, it is very easy to use, the interface is very intuitive. It served very nicely for my need.


Rant World

Are you like me and have trouble keeping track of your finances?
Or maybe you habe a business?

No matter what it is, eliminate the headache by using Universal Accounting Advanced 2023 from the Microsoft store.
Simply the best way to keep you finances in order.


Erin O'Dowd

Everyone needs comprehensive accounting software. As a Self-Employed Musician, I find this app to easy to use. Try it!


Nik *****

Hey peeps! It doesn't matter if you're out there reselling like a hustler or working a regular 9-5 job, it's important to keep track of your money! Right? Teaching kids about budgeting is a great tool to give them for the future as well!

I've been using ITExpress's Universal Accounting Plus app (Microsoft store!) for basically everything money-related. Everything is there! Profit and loss statements, VAT assignments, you can do a balance sheet, and perfect your monthly budget!


Best Finance App *****

I run a podcast and often have trouble keeping my finances under control. Universal Accounting Advanced 2023 has truly helped my gain control of my finances and better track my spending. I strongly suggest this app to anyone!

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