Madanna *****

A Great Tool For Small Business Accounting Solutions. The software was fairly simple to navigate and use. As a small business owner, I found that bookkeeping was necessary to stay organized; and with Universal Accounting Light, the accounting process is very easy.


FJ *****

A product that suits your business environment. I have tried using many freebies from the internet to keep all the financial records in one place but something or the other seemed to missing. I was hesitant to purchase this product at first as it had no previous reviews. But I must say that it was the best deal so far. I am able to keep all my private financial data and manage it with ease. The most interesting feature is that I am able to sync the data between two devices as I have stored the database in Microsoft OneDrive and able to access the same data when I am at or the office. If you are looking for a product to store your financial data, different assets and projects, this is it.


Justin *****

Best Accounting App. I used this app for my architectural firm and highly recommend it for any size business. Really easy and sleek to use.


Meagan *****

Very thorough & well organized! This is a great way to stay on top of the books! I love that you can use it for multiple countries at the same time. This feature seems like it would be particularly helpful for larger companies, accountants, etc.

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